Australian Holistic Management Cooperative

Ecological Outcome Verification

AHMC and Land to Market: a New Era

A new era of Australian regenerative sourcing verification (EOV) is beginning. While we are at the start of a long journey, our efforts are fueled by our desire to engage with people and groups with a common concern, and to create a strong network of communities.

Our aims:
  1. In the short term, we would like market partners and consumers to become aware of the value of purchasing produce from a participant in Land to Market Australia. It will also position founding members of this farmer-driven program as visionary and innovative, and at the vanguard of a movement that is committed to proving positive environmental impact.
  2. In time, we hope that market partners and consumers will come to appreciate the real benefits of buying food and fibre produced from land managed holistically which has been certified Ecological Outcome Verified. This demand will:
    • encourage market partners to seek out EOV producers as founding members of the Land to Market Australia program, and
    • build awareness that some (holistic) approaches to farming are proven to yield better outcomes for both the environment and human/community health

We also hope to increase the appreciation for and recognition of committed land stewards who are in it for the long haul. With the support of key opinion leaders, we seek to create a community network that demands food and fibre produced in a way that is good for people and the planet.

We encourage regulators to appreciate that we are undertaking a significant commitment to capture clean data which can underpin discussion and dialogue within the scientific community about the real impacts of regenerative practices that are aligned with market realities.

In particular, we look forward to the time when customers encourage wholesalers, retailers and restaurants to buy, stock and promote food and fibre produced from EOV verified land. We also hope that with the advent of this and other sourcing verification schemes, we transition quickly towards a time when greenwashing becomes more difficult.

By the end of April 2018 we achieved our first set of objectives. We:

  • launched a logo and a brand
  • reached out to our trusted contacts, colleagues and clients to discuss the concept and gained invaluable feedback
  • undertook an Australia-wide publicity campaign to generate coverage and discussion, and
  • produced a digital brochure to tell the full story of our sourcing program for the benefit of our market partners and interested others