Australian Holistic Management Co-operative

AHMC Services

The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative provides a number of services for its members. AHMC's core activity is using the scientific protocol of Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) to measure trends in the health of farmlands. Positive trends leads to the granting of a licence to use the Land to Market seal. AHMC also has an important networking role, bringing together a learning community involved in regenerative agriculture and Holistic Management practices.


Ecological Outcome Verification

AHMC's core activity is monitoring the health of farmlands with the scientific protocol of Ecological Outcome Verification. EOV helps landholders measure the trends in health of their properties, and positive trends lead to EOV certification.
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Land to Market Branding

Once farmland is awarded EOV certification, it can then be licenced to carry a Land to Market seal, which provides marketing and branding benefits for produce that comes from regenerating land.
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Member Benefits

Members can take advantage of support and mentoring, become involved in a global regenerative movement, attend conferences and field days, and receive training and education.
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