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Interest in EOV Monitor Training

Do you have aptitude, experience or a background in ecology? The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative is now training monitors in Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), to evaluate ecosystem health in Australian farmlands.

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If preferred, here is a printable version of this form. Fill in and post to: PO BOX 5355, Braddon ACT 2612 Australia.

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Physical Capability
EOV monitoring requires working outdoors on farms with the landowner or land manager, and our monitors need the physical capability to conduct this work. Would you agree that you have this ability?

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Attendance at all training sessions is required, however, recordings will be made available on request if that there is an unavoidable absence from one or two sessions. Accreditation as an EOV monitor will require satisfactory participation in training sessions and subsequent field familiarisation and accreditation sessions. Will you be available for these sessions?

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Availability for Monitoring
The monitoring season picks up in spring and comes to an end in late autumn, and usually involves some travel and often nights away. Should you choose to pursue your EOV Monitor accreditation, are there any restrictions on your availability to conduct monitoring events?

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